Some snacks are not your ordinary healthy snacks. They are just those that we crave for its taste. Humans partaking food has been a great symbol of a family that communicates. A group enjoying a meal becomes one of traditions subtly forming because of the feelings it attaches with eating with these people. It is pleasure. It is a feeling. Because nothing brings people together more than food.

You do things often because you enjoy doing it. Eating is a necessity. Done with the people you value being with, it becomes a delight. It does not even have to be a proper meal. Full course dinner, lunch or just a snack break is enough to make an impression. Enough to start a mini tradition. Eating right is one of the hardest choices to make, though. But with the ingenuity of man, they can make healthy food from the most unlikely sources. Here is some not your ordinary healthy snacks.

Popcorn – This whole grain treat is good for the heart. It is high in fiber, contains vitamins and minerals. Prepared without the additional flavourings, it is a great healthy snack. The hull contains antioxidant polyphenols that prevent cell damage.

Dried meat and fruits – Protein rich and portable, these snacks are handy, low in calories and very tasty. Dried meat available in grocery store like beef jerky or Biltong, which is South African in origin, are a favourite treat for those wanting to lose weight. It is also a staple for children who do sports. They can readily stash it in their bags and eat when necessary. Dried fruits like mangoes, raisins and more are rich in fibre, potassium, iron and antioxidants. They help in better digestion, improved blood flow and lower the risk of acquiring diseases.

Not-Your-Ordinary-Healthy-Snacks1Celery and peanut butter – Celery by itself is rich in vitamin K for healthy bones. It also helps in the proper blood clotting. Protein rich peanut butter also has potassium to lower risk of stroke, heart disease and high blood pressure.

These easy to source foods are not your ordinary healthy snacks since you do not have to go to specialty stores to get them. They can be readily available at any of your favourite grocery stores. Or better yet, order online.